“TASMANIAN POSTAL HISTORY: The Post Offices and their Datestamps”

Incorporating Post Office Openings and Closings
A New Book About Tasmanian Postmarks
Mount Bischoff Unframed typeA new Book by Tasmanian Postal Historian, John Hardinge about Tasmanian Postmarks, for publication in Apri/May 2018.

“Tasmanian Postal History: the Post Offices and their Datestamps” lists every known postmark (excluding machine cancels) for Tasmania including rarity ratings and all post office opening and closing dates. A pre- publication offer is now  available.
Pre-publication price $125+ P&P until 23 MARCH 2018. Available April-May 2018. $160 + P&P after publication. Visit the ORDER page

  • 256 pages, each book numbered and signed by the Author
  • High-quality stitched binding and hard cover
  • Datestamps which MAY exist but not yet seen
  • Post Offices ( incl Free Bags) open but no datestamp issued
  • All Datestamp types from 1861 illustrated with real examples
  • Extensive notes including number of examples recorded for very rare postmarks
  • Illustrated in full color


Postmark Images from “Tasmanian Postal History: The Post Offices and Their Datestamps”

Naracoopa Type 2D. 2R
ERD:19-4-21, LRD:31-12-38
Loira Type 4a. R
ERD:12-Jan-35 LRD:9-Jan-43
Gladstone Type 5L. Un-rated
ERD:24-Oct-60 LRD:7-Oct-69
Gravelly Beach TYPE 3. 5R
ERD:12-Oct-12 LRD:12-Nov-12

The Tasmanian Philatelic Society Publications site

The Tasmanian Philatelic Society records research into all aspects of Tasmanian philately, postal history, especially postmarks and postcards. The TPS publishes a research journal, The Courier, twice per year which includes articles on Tasmanian stamps, postmarks, postcards, postal history and revenues. Back copies are available from the TPS website.